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I. Contents of the Fair Business Labelling Policies

  1. The Fair Business Qualification certifies that the electronic commercial service granted through the qualified Web Site corresponds to the criteria of the legal, user-friendly and security examination at the time of the certification.
  1. The legal qualification certifies that the electronic commercial service corresponds to the pertinent legal prescriptions and that the site owner is a legal entity or natural person entitled to pursue this activity.
  1. The user-friendly qualification certifies that the service promotes the obtainment of information by the customers, the proceedings of the purchase and that the site does not contain figures, advertisements, data that might cause misinformation unnecessarily disturbing the user thus causing confusion in the correct information.
  1. The security qualification certifies that the provider took measures and regulated processes that ensure the safeguarding of the customer’s personal data and the security of the online payment at a level expected at the time of the qualification.
  1. The Fair Business Qualification does not cover the qualification of the delivery of the goods to the customer.
  1. The qualified provider is obliged to respect the prescriptions of the Code of Conduct and in the event of disputes regarding the subjects detailed in paragraphs 1-4., or the goods or their delivery, compulsorily submits himself/herself to the competency of the alternative settlement service of disputes of the Arbitration Forum of Fair Business, and commits himself to accept their decision as binding on him.

II. Validity of the Fair Business Qualification

  1. The Fair Business Qualification has a validity of 2 (two) years from the date of its issue.
  2. In the event of significant legal or other changes (for instance significant modification of the web site, significant change in the security conditions, etc.) the prescription of the so called additional qualification within the deadline is also possible, even before the expiry date.
  3. The electronic commercial provider must give a notification when he needs an additional qualification due to reasons described under paragraph 6., certifying at the same time/simultaneously that he continues to fulfill the criteria of the qualification.
  4. The Fair Business Qualifying Board is entitled to control the providers possessing a qualification and to prescribe an additional qualification if for reasons described under paragraph 6. it is considered necessary.
  5. The provider must apply for the extension, the renewal of the qualification latest 60 days prior to the expiry date of the validity of the qualification. The renewed qualification will also be valid for 2 (two) years counting from the date of its issue.

III. Procedure of issuing the Fair Business Qualification

  1. The provider has to apply for the Qualification in the form established for this purpose.
  2. The Fair Business Qualification Board examines the application and establishes the qualification fee according to the schedule of fees on the basis of the provider’s declaration. The provider must transfer the fee of qualification within 8 days from the date it was issued.
  3. The Office of the Fair Business Qualifying Board nominates the leading auditor who will perform the prequalification, who in the course of this will proceed individually, and will determine the date of the qualification in accordance with the provider.
  4. The leading auditor must complete the qualification latest within 30 days after his/her nomination.
  5. Based on the pre-qualification, two members of the Business Qualifying Board prepare the post qualification and issue the qualification itself.

IV. Publication of the Fair Business Qualification

  1. The qualified provider is entitled to and must publish/insert the logo of the Fair Business Qualification on the website of the qualified service in a way that this logo serve as a link to the list of the qualified organizations where the names, website addresses and the validity of the qualifications are displayed together with the link to the providers web site.

V. Secrecy

  1. During the process of the qualification any information concerning the activity of the provider, or the procedure and contents of the qualification are kept as business secrets both by persons involved in the procedure on behalf of the provider or the Fair Business Qualification Board and are entitled to make use of these data only in connection with the issuing and control of the qualification.
  2. The Privacy Policy determines how personal data are to be dealt with.

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